Iran Protests

I was impressed by the scale of protests inside Iran this past week.  One particular image caught my eye; that of a protester helping a riot policeman out of the crowd.  It’s only a brief image, and hard to draw conclusions from, but does give evidence that these are ordinary men and women out there in the streets; not some fringe radicals.

The Twitter threads are updating far faster than I can read.  Video was captured of a young woman shot in the heart; her name was Neda and it now becomes a rallying cry.  Some sort of chemical (lye?) is reported being dumped from helicopters, and APCs are in the city streets.  (STRATFOR reported a few days ago that the IRGC had taken over internal security for Tehran.)  Some tweets warn of Basij marking or breaking into houses, others give first aid information and warn about wearing contact lenses.

Today likely marks a key turning point; if the protests survive and grow larger, I expect the security forces will be overwhelmed or co-opted.  Finally, two researchers at Columbia University have some interesting comments about the official election “results”.

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