The Next Morning

This morning I received a call from Ted at the embassy inquiring as to my well-being.  Ted said that they expect to receive a list of all Americans but had not received it.  I gave him a description of the situation and some estimates of the number of people.  He also said that the embassy had sent some boxes of books and movies which may still be around.

Serving food

My estimate is that at least 40 people are in quarantine here; we had 7 people in our ambulance, and there were at least 5 ambulances.  A few more people have also arrived today. The procedure for meals is that we walk down a buffet line and indicate the items we would like.  The masked and gowned staff package everything to go, and we return to eat in our rooms.  The first meal I had (lunch) was one of the most nutritious I have had so far, with significant portions of vegetables.  (My diet for the previous week featured largely rice and meats.)

We have procured playing cards, and those with outside contacts are working to arrange additional supply drops.  Our talkative English friend was in this afternoon’s arrivals, and I expect he will take full advantage of what room-service is available.  I’m not sure if it was intentional, but included in the books sent by the embassy is a copy of the Worst Case Survival Handbook.  I did not see a copy of José Saramago’s Blindness, which is perhaps for the best.

My temperature this morning: 36.6 degrees.