Speak Truth To Power

Saturday was the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. According to the official AP story, the evening featured light-hearted banter with President Bush and his Doppelg√ɬ§nger, comedian Steve Bridges. If you read the New York Times version of events, that’s all that occurred.

It’s always a strangely disturbing feeling to see a disconnect between events and the reporting of them. When it comes to technical subjects, this to to be expected, as few reporters are selected for their technical acumen. When it comes to political events, there can be little doubt that the scrubbing of “undesirable elements” from news is not an accident of ignorance.

So, here’s what was left out. Stephen Colbert, featured entertainer for the evening and host of The Colbert Report, delivered a monologue of exceptional bite. (Favorite quote: “reality has a well-known liberal bias”.) Transcript here.

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