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It’s a petition. Like attending a protest, every so often it’s appropriate to make a statement. I say that even though I’ve told the lightbulb[0] joke and only attended one protest “in earnest”. We stand on the precipice of what is likely the greatest financial crisis in generations. The multi-billion dollar losses you may have heard about on the news? That’s the sound of cracks forming. The actual collapse will be truly spectacular.

You can find it at It calls on Congress to restore responsible lending practices, ban off-balance-sheet vehicles, restore the recently-gutted remnants of Depression-era banking regulation, and most importantly, to allow failure. Realize that at this point, scary as it may be, you are the adult in the room. So step up.

[0] “How many protesters does it take to change a lightbulb?”
“None, protesters can’t change anything.”

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