When it rains…

I’m due to fly to Beijing this Friday, and already I have plenty of work ahead of me.  Fortunately some of the more urgent tasks have been resolved, albeit only to make room for their successors.  The process of preparing not-too-cryptic clues for my colleagues continues apace.

Taking a page from my last trip, I expect to fit everything I need for a month’s stay in a single carry-on, with a briefcase for the tablet and camera.  I will check an additional garment bag on the assumption that I will be retaining the services of Senli and Frye.  The question remains of which lenses I should bring; I am leaning towards a single fast prime and a zoom.  Perhaps the 50/1.8 and the 18-200, though the 35/1.8 and the Tokina 11-16 present compelling arguments.  My iPhone will remain at home and in its place will be my Blackberry.

More Charts: Inevitability

Bob Shiller’s original chart of historic home values back to 1890 was originally published in 2006.  The four charts below provide an interesting perspective.

The original:

Shiller sequence 0

With projections overlaid:

Shiller sequence 1

Updated, December 2008:

Shiller sequence 2

Updated, June 2009:

Shiller sequence 3