The Seminyak

Seminyak house

As mentioned earlier, here is a more in-depth look at the Tomahouse.

In a look reminiscent of the Banyan Tree’s Floating Bedroom comes the Tomahouse. Featuring traditional Balinese design, this amazing structure can be erected in as little as four hours and disassembled in one. Conceived by Frank Thoma, these modular buildings can be extended up, down, or sideways as the terrain demands. Various insulation and structural enhancement kits allow placement in most any clime.

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Doctrine Calcifies

This is prompted in part by the recent news of the Episcopalian House of Deputies voting to reject a ban on gay clergy, a few days following the announcement that a human female was elected to lead the Episcopal Church.

The Protestant Reformation can be viewed, in part, as a reaction to corrupted doctrines within the Catholic Church. To fully understand the Reformation, one must also realize the social, political, and economic mores of the era, which provided the driving motivation for a schism that took doctrinal differences for its raiment. However, the perception of a reality often matters more than reality itself, especially in matters that involve the masses. With the growth of large-scale democratic institutions, we must realize that the original forces at play are no longer relevant, while the public perceptions of them have taken on an existence of their own.

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